AWRW Book Review: Wickham’s Folly: An Erotic Romance (Wickedly Wickham Book I) by Author Anne Kelleher @AKelleher

ImageEvie Alexander was always the girl your mother warned you about. But it’s been years since she’s allowed herself to feel the white heat of desire…‌until a decade into her settled, suburban marriage, when the urge comes back stronger than ever. Is it simply that her husband seems distant and moody, or is it because an old flame is looking for her?

When Evie’s desires are reawakened, she remembers the boy that first ignited them. Discovering signs that her husband is cheating on her—with her best friend—destroys her tranquil life and forces her to examine what is missing.

How far will Evie go to rekindle the sleeping passions of her own unsatisfied heart…‌and body?

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Genre: Erotic Romance, Erotica

Kindle Edition, 70 pages

Published August 19th 2013 by eFitzgerald Publishing; 1 edition


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Evie Alexander is a writer married to a rich research scientist, 25 years her senior. While her sex life with her husband isn’t as passionate as it used to be, she is comfortable in the life they have together, and she looks forward to their ten year anniversary. Then Evie meets with a psychic who turns her world upside down…

Twenty years ago, Evie had a brief yet passionate relationship with a boy named Charles Wickham. He has crossed her mind from time to time, and his family’s estate has made an appearance in her latest book. When the psychic tells her, “he has been looking for you. He can never forget you,” Evie can’t help but to wonder if this person may be her long lost love, Charles Wickham…

Super sexy, thrilling, and erotic with an excellent story that kept me interested throughout. I sat down and read this within one sitting – it was just that good. I love the writing style of this author and I enjoy getting lost in her stories – whether they be fantasy or erotic romance.

After one heck of a cliff-hanger, I’m curious about the sequel to see what happens next! I originally read and wrote this book review in 2013, (I’m in the process of moving all of my reviews to my new site), but I STILL think of this novel from time to time. Wickham’s Folly is a book that stuck with me.

A perfect book to spice up your afternoon. Recommended for fans of erotic romance with a mature heroine.


From the Author

“How would I describe the Wickedly Wickham series?   Probably as The Notebook meets Story of O… because Evie’s not anywhere as naïve as the heroine of Fifty Shades of Grey.   Evie’s a grown woman who’s not only been around the block a time or two, she’s not caught in the same power imbalance, either.  Like O, Evie is her own woman when it comes to finances… it’s in the bedroom she wants to be owned.  Or does she?  Read and find out!”

About The Author

Anne Kelleher
Established Author of 26 Published Novels & Short Stories, sought after Writing Coach, and Gifted Intuitive Medium.

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