AWRW Book Review: All Secrets Lead To Lies, by Author Anne Kelleher @AKelleherAuthor

allsecretsleadtoliesThe sole survivor of a brutal home invasion, Dr. Jocelyn Pettibone refuses to believe that she and her husband were randomly targeted.

Suspecting a law enforcement cover-up, Jocelyn searches for an investigator willing to take her case. But no one will listen, until she winds up on the doorstep of Dowling, Dowling & Dowd, where recently widowed Margie Dowling is preparing to sell the business.

But when Margie decides to take on one more case, she finds the path to the truth not only connects her husband to the invasion, but puts her own life in danger, as wellโ€ฆ

Kindle Edition, 42 pages
Published June 13th 2016 by Pond House Press
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Photo Credit: April L Wood

“A potential conspiracy. Her husband hiding a secret. Her house violated…”

After losing her husband to cancer, Margie takes some much needed time off before re-entering the office she shared with him to check on things. A prospective client walks in and Margie reluctantly agrees to help Dr.Jocelyn Pettibone – a woman who also just lost her husband, to a brutal crime.

Margie has a strange feeling about the case, and believes her husband would want her to help this woman. What Margie doesn’t expect, is how it hits so close to home.

I liked this short story and I even reread it once I was through to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Even though the blurb focuses on Dr. Jocelyn Pettibone, it’s really Margie’s story and how a little secret snowballed into a gigantic cover-up. “All secrets lead to lies.”

A perfect read for a lunch break, or whenever you have precious little time to read. This short story packs a PUNCH! I’d recommend it to fans of mysteries and suspense.

An E-Copy of ALL SECRETS LEAD TO LIES was provided in exchange for a fair, thoughtful, and honest book review. This is no way swayed my opinion, nor rating.



Anne Kelleher
Anne Kelleher sold her first novel, Daughter of Prophecy, to Warner Books as an inaugural release for its Aspect sf/fantasy line in 1993. Since then, Annie has written and published many more novels and short stories, including the critically acclaimed Shadowlands trilogy by Harlequin-Luna. In addition to Time-Warner and Harlequin, Annie has been published by Penguin-Putnam, as well as a boutique small press.
Her novels are available internationally in four languages: Dutch, German, French, and Spanish. In 2015, Annie became a “hybrid” author with the recent independent release of her collection of short stories, Free to Good Home.
The same year Annie sold Daughter of Prophecy, she co-founded the Greater Lehigh Valley Writing Group (GLVWG) in Bethlehem, PA, where she was living at the time. In 1994, the organization held its first writing conference, The Write Stuff. GLVWG continues to flourish, the annual conference drawing writers, agents and editors from both coasts.
Annie is an experienced conference speaker, writing coach and workshop facilitator. With her long-time knowledge of the publishing industry, and her ability to present her subject in an entertaining way, she is able to offer many topics of interest to writers at all levels. She has numerous successful clients who have gone on to publish in a wide range of genres.
Annie’s other career paths include Federal investigator, aerobics instructor, daycare provider, Executive Director, neighborhood mediator, corporate communications manager, interior decorator, and psychic medium. The latter accounts for why most of Annie’s work includes some aspect of the supernatural or paranormal.
Annie holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Annie has studied English literature and language at the University of Connecticut and Storytelling and Oral Traditions at The Graduate Institute. The mother of four, stepmom of two and grandmother of two, Annie now divides her time between Connecticut and Hawaii. Connect with Annie online at http://www.annekelleher.net.

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