What People Are Saying About Changing Teams @LimitlessBooks #Romance #Contemporary #NYC

“What if you met the man of your dreams… and found out he was living a lie?”
Check out the reviews coming in for CHANGING TEAMS, a contemporary romance by Jennifer Allis Provost!

Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Now available

This week has inundated me with great reviews for Changing Teams! Here are a few of my favorites:

From Cutting Muse Blog Review – Laura and Makayla Redmon: “I really enjoyed reading this story! I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading anything like it, which makes it unique in my book!”

From Suzanne Talkington: “Overall, I found this book a lot of fun. I laughed, wanted to yell and almost cried at some points. Character build was great as well as the story’s flow. The side characters are amazing. Solid 4 ½ stars!!”

From Bella’s blog: “The characters were well developed and quite engaging .I really enjoyed the point of view the way it was split in two ,because it totally defined everything really clearly . And it was easier for us the reads to get the inside story of both of those characters…

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