Book Promo: Mourning Dove Locket by Author Juli D. Revezzo @JulieDRevezzo

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Right off the bat, I see a witch, a locket, and a mourning dove: three things I love. Maybe one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I can’t help it – I just love pretty books! And I’m looking forward to getting to this novel on my to-be-reviewed pile. In the meantime, let me tell you all about this book:


For antique shop owners Caitlin and Trevor Fulmer, the intrusion of gods and ghosts is an unfortunate daily occurrence. After a young girl offers Caitlin a gold locket, however, she can’t help but notice it’s oozing with paranormal energy.

More significantly, the locket’s owner is surrounded by Otherworld spirits. Caitlin recognizes in the girl all the signs of a budding witch in the midst of a dangerous crisis.

Can she and her covenmates protect the girl and assist her in embracing her powers, before those beyond the veil extract their revenge?


Antique Magic Series: Book 4 (Can be read as a stand-alone)

Kindle Edition, 1, 284 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Published June 19th 2016 by Raven Queen Publications



Juli D. Revezzo writes fantasy and romantic stories filled in with elements garnered from a lifetime love affair with magic, myth, witches, wizards, and fated lovers and legend. She is the author of The Antique Magic series and the Paranormal Romance Celtic Stewards Chronicles series, New Adult romance Changeling’s Crown, and short stories published in ETERNAL HAUNTED SUMMER, LUNA STATION QUARTERLY, among others. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.

To learn more about this and future releases,visit her at:

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