AWRW Book Review: All The Good Parts by Author Loretta Nyhan @LorettaNyhan

At thirty-nine, Leona Accorsi is broke, single, back in school, and living in her sister Carly’s basement. She’s perfectly content being quirky Auntie Lee to Carly’s four children. That is, until Leona’s doctor tells her that if she wants to have a child, she’d better do it now.

Leona does want a baby. She always has, but the circumstances have never been right. Now she has a huge decision to make: face motherhood on her own or risk missing out on its rewards.

allthegoodparts1Unfortunately, she’s let her romantic life go stagnant. She barely even knows any single men. She has just a few prospects: a Vietnam vet and partial amputee, his intimidating son, the sweet but troubled man who tutors her niece, and a fellow nursing student she’s never actually met.

As Leona discovers more about each one, she realizes any of them could be the right man for the job. The more important question is, has she become the right woman?

Paperback – ARC – 338 pages
Expected publication: September 20th 2016 by Lake Union Publishing
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit, Humor

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When Leona’s gynecologist tells her that she’s running out of time to have a baby, Leona panics and considers all her options. Adoption and fertility treatments are expensive. And since she can’t afford expensive medical visits to conceive, she purchases a glorified turkey baster to do the trick. But first, she needs a man… and the courage to ask him, of course!

All The Good Parts
by Loretta Nyhan is laugh out loud hysterical! I loved the main character, Leona, and found her very relatable. I too have been given that talk at my OB/GYN’s and then paraded out through a waiting room of expectant mothers – feeling like a ticking time bomb! So, as I was reading, I spent a lot of time nodding my head, laughing, and agreeing with everything written! I very much enjoyed the humorous writing style of Loretta Nyhan and her quirky fivestarbookreviewbook-1294864_640characters in All The Good Parts; this made for a fun and enjoyable read. I loved how everyone felt the need to weigh in on Leona’s decision – even the teenage niece!The ending was anything but predictable and I was happy to see it conclude the way it did. 🙂 A happily-ever-after for sure!

I highly recommend this read to fans of romantic comedies and women’s fiction. Lighthearted and full of surprises, this book is a winner!

***In the interest of fair disclosure, I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful book review. This in no way swayed my opinion nor rating.***




I was a reader before I was a writer, devouring everything I could get my hands on, including the backs of cereal boxes and the instructions booklet for building the Barbie dream house. Later, my obsession with reading evolved into an absolute need to write. After college, I wrote for national trade magazines, taught writing to college freshmen, and eventually found the guts to try fiction.

I’m the author of the upcoming All the Good Parts (Lake Union, 2016) and Digging In (Lake Union, 2017). Previous published novels include I’ll Be Seeing You and Empire Girls (MIRA Books).

When I’m not writing, I can be found knitting, baking, and doing all kinds of things my high school self would have found hilarious.

I live in the Chicago area with my two teenage boys and one sweetheart of a husband.

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