AWRW Book Review: Tea with Mr. FuzzyPants, by Author Trisha J Wooldridge #MiddleGrade #Horror #KindleShortReads

“Inviting a dead bunny to tea wasn’t Dad’s first mistake…”TeaWithMrFuzzypants

Portia is sick and tired of being the “good little sister”, the “supportive little sister,” for Mercedes, who is eighteen and has special needs. Not only does Mercedes need all the attention, but she causes all sorts of problems–like when her stupid pet rabbit, Mr. Fuzzypants, dies and Daddy has to make things better. Yet nothing Daddy or anyone does, not even getting a new bunny, helps.

Mercedes wasn’t even this bad when Mom died a few months ago…

In fact, Daddy is so tired, he’s not thinking straight. He’s promised Mercedes a tea party with a back-from-dead Mr. Fuzzypants. Portia is suspicious and worried–and not just because the dumb tea party is during her time with Daddy.

If Daddy can bring Mr. Fuzzypants back from the dead, why couldn’t he bring Mom back?

Genre: Middle Grade, Horror, Kindle Short Reads, Fiction

Page Count: 51 Pages

Published by Pole to Pole Publishing: July 18th, 2016


Author Trisha J Wooldridge brings something original to the table with her middle-grade horror novella, Tea With Mr FuzzyPants!

Portia is ten years old and upset with her older, special-needs sister, Mercedes, who monopolizes ALL of their father’s attention. When Mercedes’s beloved bunny, Mr FuzzyPants, dies, Mercedes is beside herself – throwing tantrums and acting out even worse than when their mother died. Their father promises to use magic to bring Mr FuzzyPants back for a tea party… Portia wonders what her father is planning, and how he’s going to bring back a dead rabbit?

Meanwhile, the dead rabbit distracts them from the true evil lurking in their midst.

This novella definitely has the potential to scare the socks off middle-grade age readers. 🙂 Young horror lovers will be delighted, frightened, and thrilled by this horror tale of magic, suspicious tea, and an undead rabbit. Certainly, this novella can be enjoyed by readers of any age, but the target audience in my opinion is definitely middle-grade.

I was hooked on page one and was eager to learn more about the family life of the characters. The author peppers in this information throughout the story, keeping the whisper of horror always present. The ending is not a happily-ever-after — which is consistent with most horror novels– but, at the same time it isn’t a sad ending either. There is an edge to their triumph, giving a feeling of resolve to the reader.

For parents: This novel is clean (no swears) and isn’t gory. Tea With Mr FuzzyPants is age appropriate (10 – 14 years old) but can be enjoyed by adults, too! I loved this story and I finished it within one sitting. I definitely recommend it. 🙂





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Trisha J. Wooldridge is A Novel Friend. Since her grammar school days of proudly running home to read vocabulary sentences to her mother, Trisha knew that writing would be a major part of her life. She spent high school editing the school paper, then attended UMass Dartmouth and completed a double Commonwealth Scholar Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and history, adding a minor in Spanish within the 4-year program. When life forced her away from writing studies or careers, she found ways to work in the magic of words. In retail management, stolen moments were spent proofreading signage and scribbling fiction or poetry on receipt paper. Between customer service calls at a financial firm, she edited company guidelines and contracts–and hand-wrote a fantasy novel.

In 2005, she finally followed her heart and moved to a freelance lifestyle. Her first professional publications were stories about the Bay State Equine Rescue (BSER), but she quickly moved onto more gigs writing about food, wine, entertainment, music, and Tarot, in addition to horses. She also started editing both fiction and non-fiction regularly and started working as a part-time online tutor.

Fiction–particularly genre fiction, however, is Trisha’s first love. She co-authored two short stories for the EPIC-award winning Bad-Ass Faeries anthology, has sold both fiction and poetry to various magazines, and is currently editing the convention-themed anthology,UnCONventional, for Spencer Hill Press. In addition, Trish has several novels she’s working on and shopping out.

Her work in genre fiction, particularly in helping other women, led her to join Broad Universe, an international non-profit dedicated to promoting, honoring, and celebrating women who write science fiction, fantasy and horror. She is currently the president of the organization.

Trish calls herself A Novel Friend because she believes that a good relationship is at the heart of any business, but especially when working with writing. Some writers share their soul on paper while others find writing painstakingly difficult. A Novel Friend treats subjects, assignments, clients, and their words as friends–with respect, care and dignity.


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