AWRW Book Review: Mirror of Hearts, by Author Trisha J Wooldridge #DarkFantasy #Horror @BroadUniverse @NEHorrorWriters

mirrorofheartsRoger Hunter has served the Lady White for longer than his life span should have allowed, at a cost higher than his conscience should have allowed, yet he has only questioned orders once, a long time ago.

The one time he decided to listen to his own heart.

And it wasn’t enough to break the spell he submitted to: The power of another heart’s song.

Now, his heart is drawn to the lovely Melody Devonshire, Lady White’s orphaned niece, but will the whispers of love be loud enough to overcome the call of power over life, itself?

Or must another heart be sacrificed before Roger can see his true destiny?

Kindle Edition, 57 pages
Published May 18th 2013 by Pole to Pole Publishing (Second Edition)
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mythology & Folktales
“Mel often wondered why someone as beautiful as the lady was hardly seen; it seemed quite the shame…”

Snow White meets Countess Bathory in this dark fairy tale retelling inspired by the gothic looking glass, that gives you a whole new perspective on the phrase, “I give you my heart”.

Melody Ann Devonshire, an orphan, arrives at the White Manor where she notices her Uncle Edward is out and about with his wife, Lady Nieve White, in the gardens. This seems very strange to her because Lady Nieve White never leaves her quarters. She ponders why someone so beautiful is often kept hidden away.

When Melody discovers something she shouldn’t have, she confides in Lady Nieves’s servant, Hunter Roger. Only, she doesn’t realize the mistake she’s made by revealing this to him — nor the course of events that soon follow after this discovery.

Lady Nieve’s servant, Hunter Roger, has a peculiar relationship with her. Even Lady Nieve’s husband notices something is amiss. The Hunter will do anything for her, but her latest request gives him pause.

Will he remain loyal?

“Two ribs down, two inches from the sternum…”

Mirror of Hearts by Trisha J Wooldridge is a tale of forbidden love, a bloodthirsty Gothic vanity, and dark deeds that culminates in an startling ending that the reader will not see coming!

This novella kept me guessing until the very last page! I wanted to go rounds with Hunter Roger, and found myself yelling at him like a maniac. The ending was INSANE!

I absolutely loved how this story centered around an antique piece of furniture. I love antique furniture and have often wondered about it’s previous owners and the history behind each piece. This story absolutely enthralled me. While I’m glad that I don’t personally own a bloodthirsty, inanimate object — reading about one and living vicariously through the main character is pretty darn cool. 🙂

The setting of this story was intense, too. Whether strolling through one of the rose Image result for incense smoke gifgardens in autumn, (picture sharp, barbed stems wrapped around trellises), or inside the manor itself (smoky incense, velvet in colors of mauve and purple), it was such a fun experience to read this story. The author paints a picture with her words, making the reading experience feel REAL — as if it was actually happening!

If your looking for a short, horror read look no further!

Side note: I also really liked the dedication to her challenging writing instructors who pushed her to be a better writer. 🙂

Image result for human heart gothicImage result for human heart gothicImage result for human heart gothicImage result for human heart gothicImage result for human heart gothic

5 out of 5 beating hearts for Mirror of Hearts by Trisha J Wooldridge!

“A tense and creepy twist on the tale of Snow White … a fairy tale turned murder mystery seen through the dark, distorted glass of a Victorian funhouse mirror.” ~ Anthony Francis, Author of the Skindancer Series: Frost Moon and Blood Rock



Trisha J. Wooldridge (pictured above holding the artwork for Mirror of Hearts – to the right) is the current president of Broad Universe and a senior editor for Spencer Hill Press. She’s also a member of New England Horror Writers, the HWA, and SCBWI. Under her full name, she writes grown-up horror short stories that occasionally win awards, like the EPIC 2008, 2009 for anthologies BAD-ASS FAERIES 2: JUST PLAIN BAD and BAD-ASS FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY, and you can also find her in EPITAPHS, WICKED SEASONS, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?, HOLIDAY MAGICK, and ONCE UPON AN APOCALYPSE. She has co-produced the Spencer Hill Press anthologies UNCONVENTIONAL and DOORWAYS TO EXTRA TIME. In her child-friendly persona of T.J. Wooldridge, she’s published three novels: THE KELPIE, THE EARL’S CHILDE, and SILENT STARSONG. As if she weren’t busy enough, Trish is also the writing partner for the webcomic AURELIO at Find out more at

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