Writer Wednesday: Hashtags That Every #Writer, #Blogger, and #Reader Should Be Using #WW #WriterWednesday #WednesdayWordsofWisdom

#Hashtags for #Writers, #Readers, and #Bloggers! Build your platform!

Author April L Wood

Image result for what are hashtags?Hashtags! Anyone who doesn’t understand their purpose likely finds them strange. The truth is, they are great for separating topics on social media — including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtags can also help you build your platform as an author or blogger. The following is a quick hashtag lesson.

A hashtag is a word, or words, preceded by a pound, or hash, sigh. Next time you see a hashtag, click on it. Once you do, you will find a slew of public tweets/posts relative to the hashtag. This is great for writers, bloggers, and readers who want to connect through social media.

For example: On Instagram, if I post a photo of a book, I’m lucky if a few of my friends like it. Now, if I hashtag it with: #Bookstagram #Instabook  #AmReading — and other relevant tags — wooo hooo! Look at all the likes pour in! Since I…

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