Writer Wednesday: Fantasy Fiction Tropes @Bellatrix_Press #WriterWednesday #Fantasy #Tropes #FictionTropes

Author April L Wood

Call me crazy but I love literary tropes. Most tropes are the common building blocks for certain genres in fiction, and in general, they work as trusty old standbys. A lot has been discussed about romance tropes and young-adult tropes, but what about fantasy?


Fantasy is a genre of seemingly limitless possibilities. I enjoy writing fantasy fiction because it allows me to stray outside of the box. Just recently, I attempted to pull off a young-adult romance — A Diamond In The Rough — which turned into a dark fantasy before my very eyes.

Fantasy, for me, is more enjoyable to write. I also enjoy reading fantasy both to familiarize myself with the genre I write and because I enjoy escaping into fantasy worlds. Having read so many fantasy novels for pleasure and review, I’ve picked up on a few cliches/tropes.

So what about those tropes?

The most common tropes…

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