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AWRW Book Review: When Time Comes by Author Cat Nicolaou with Bonus Short Story, Sealed By A Kiss #Romance #BookGiveaway #Giveaway #Novella @CatNicolaou

Two heart-warming contemporary romances for those who still believe in love.

whentimecomesWHEN TIME COMES

Athena can’t avert her eyes. Alex Dane is back in Greece. Her mind wanders in time, six years ago, to the island of Rhodes. Three lustful days with him and a precious gift he left her with. All she needs is a leap of faith, but will he fly? Dare they dream again “When Time Comes”?


After a bad marriage, Jenny thinks she will never find happiness again. A strange coincidence changes her whole life and her new future is sealed by a long-awaited passionate kiss.

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Holiday (Vacation)

Second Edition, Published by Createspace March 18, 2015

E-Copy: 168 Pages


Amazon, USA

Rating: 4/5 Stars

First, I would like to thank the author for the complimentary copy of When Times Comes with bonus short story, Sealed By A Kiss!

Keep reading to find out how you can win a copy of this novella from the author!

Author Cat Nicolauo will fuel your love for love with these syrupy sweet stories about a second-chance romance (time has passed and now they have a second chance) and a second-love (because the first time around, it didn’t work out).

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Let’s discuss When Time Comes, my favorite of the two short stories.

When Times Comes by Cat Nicolauo is a fun second-chance romance novella with a happily-ever-after about a Rock Star (Alex Dane) and his “number one fan” (Athena). They meet on a ferry ride during his summer tour and spend an intense three days together.

Fast forward to six years later when Alex Dane is back touring and Athena attends his concert. She wonders if he will he remember her and if they can have their second chance at romance.

I really liked this sweet romance and was happy to see Athena and Alex get their happily-ever-after. This novella is sure to delight romantics-at-heart with its insta-romance.

Next, the author included her short story, Sealed by a Kiss as a bonus read.

Divorcee Jenny has been eyeing Nick at the local coffee shoppe for some time before she gets the courage to approach him. She is startled by how forward he is, but enjoys speaking to him over coffee. What she doesn’t know, is that this man is already peripherally involved in her life and he surprises her in a big way.

I liked this “second love” story but found it a tad incredible at times. However, it was syrupy sweet and the kind of story that makes you say, “awww” at the end. I liked the clever way that the author wrapped up the story.

Overall, these romances are the perfect afternoon read for fans of happily-ever-afters and insta-love romances. Both When Time Comes and Sealed With A Kiss will entertain hopeless romantics who believe in the magic of love. ❤ Recommended!


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To win an e-copy of this novella, please say hello and comment with your email address below! I will pick the winner through Random.Org, on 10/31! Please note, the author is responsible for the prize.

About the Author

Cat Nicolaou lives with her family and many pets on a small island in Greece.  She grew up surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and beautiful beaches. Living in such a peaceful area, she enjoys the idyllic setting around her.It is therefore not surprising that she likes to write romantic stories.Strolling by the seaside is where she gets all her inspiration. As an ever-romantic herself, she likes writing and reading stories with a happy ending, though she does torment her characters before they find a happy resolution.




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