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Author April L Wood

Welcome to the Thursday Teaser! The following is a snippet from my debut novel, Winter’s Curse, where Winter Rose-Thorne makes her great escape. Enjoy!


Book Teaser

Copyrighted Material

Winter’s Curse, by April L Wood


I stand forwhat I stand on. So what will I be without the glacial ice under my feet? How can I call myself an ice witch without it? Who really am I? What will I become?

“They’re coming, Winter! Hurry!”

Despite my mother’s urgency, I take one last look at my prized narwhal tusk, running my hand along its smooth natural ridges. I briefly consider impaling myself on its sharp point, but why let them win?

Sighing, I leave it behind – that and everything else I love about my homeland.

Image result for winter's curse book by april l woodUnder the cover of darkness, I exit our ice abode. The blustery wind blows my scarlet hair across my eyes. Tucking my unruly…

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