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Eeek! I posted my Google search history! #AmWriting #WriterWednesday #Google #SearchTerms

Author April L Wood

Well, it’s Wednesday– so you know what that means! 🙂

Lately, I’ve been thinking of how funny it would be if someone saw my Google search results. Now, most of my search history is related to a novel I am writing, but imagine if someone didn’t know that, and saw it? I think that would be hilarious.


My search history this week was everything Prom and everything Prom related. I didn’t attend my Junior or Senior Prom, so writing about Prom is uncharted waters for me. My husband, who has attended several Proms, has brought up a few things, but he doesn’t remember all the details that I’m interested in–such as the photo booth, decor, how long was it, etc..

Guys don’t pay attention to details like that. From what I’ve gleaned, girls go to Prom to dress up in a fancy gown, and for the magic and romance of…

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3 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Google Search Results #WriterWednesday #WW #AmWriting #AuthorLife #Google #SearchHistory @Bellatrix_Press

  1. So, what year was your prom? I can fill in some details if you want. I went to my junior prom, senior prom and all the dances in between. In fact, my senior prom played a big part in saving my first true love from a painful breakup. (We’re still happily married after many years.) My boyfriend (now husband) was two years older than me and a college man while I was a high-school senior/. He broke up with me in late April. He said we were too young to be getting so serious and that he wanted to go to New York to become a writer once he graduated from college. I cried for several days before i came to a realization. I wasn’t going to have a date for my senior prom, just four weeks away. So I called him (something girls didn’t do in that day) and told him that since he’d monopolized my time for over a year, he owed it to me to take me to my senior prom.

    Sounding slightly befuddled, he said okay, then asked me out for that weekend. By the time my prom came around, he seemed to have forgotten about breaking up. Never mentioned it again.

    Later, he did admit he had another reason for wanting to break up. He’d thought I was too nice. In other words, that I had no grit or spunk. But he did find out differently.

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    1. Nancy, I’m so glad you shared that with me! What a great story– and great story prompt for yourself kind of like THE SWAP where you switched houses on vacation and wondered WHAT IF? I was so happy to receive your comment. 🙂 And to answer your question, my Junior Prom was in 1999, and Senior Prom 2000. And since I’m researching it and my husband is telling me all these great stories about it, now I wish I went! Unfortunately, the boyfriends I had at the time thought they were too cool for prom. *EYE ROLL* I suppose I can live vicariously through my characters! Right? LOL


      1. April: in 1999, nobody went to a senior prom. They weren’t doing it in the 80s either and probably a few decades before then. I graduated high school in the 1950s (yes, I am that old, although I don’t feel it). Back then proms were really important to high schoolers. It was heart-breaking if you didn’t have a date. Girls couldn’t ask boys, and no date meant you couldn’t go. A terrible fate. Nancy

        Nancy Nboyarsky@roadrunner.net


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