Writing Acronyms Every Blogger and Writer Should Know #AmWriting #LitChat

Author April L Wood


When I started off as a blogger, writing acronyms confused the heck outta me. If not for Google and the help of patient writer friends, Iโ€™d still be mystified as to what those two/three letter acronyms used regularly by writers are. And in a world where we tweet at 140 characters (or less) itโ€™s good to be able to abbreviate common words, using acronyms like the pros.

The following is an infographic I created to demystify common writing acronyms. Feel free to download and share!


I hope this infographic has been helpful! Next week, I will begin discussing writing genres and their sub-genres, with detailed explanations as to how they are defined. Thanks for your visit and I hope you return!

Did I miss any common writing abbreviations? Please leave your thoughts in the common section below!

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