New Release in #ya #fantasy: The Secret of Berry Brae Circle (The Red King Trilogy Book II) by E.M. McIntyre @FinlayForever


Good afternoon, bookworms! I’m pleased to announce Author E.M. McIntyre’s second release in The Red King Trilogy series, The Secret of Berry Brae Circle!

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle

A kidnapped father. An ancient tome. A mystical gem.

When 14-yr old Abby Fletcher returns home to present day Scotland with the help of her magical dog, Finlay, she receives a disturbing message: the Book of Shay in exchange for the life of her father.The Secret of Berry Brae Circle (The Red King Trilogy Book 2) by [McIntyre, E M] Pressed for time, Abby and the young Scotsman, Rory, set off in search of the mysterious book.

In a whirlwind adventure filled with time travel, frightful adversaries and enchanted beings, their path leads to a timeworn stone circle. There, with Berry Brae’s secret revealed, Abby must make a life-changing decision in this second installment of the Red King Trilogy.

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Purchase, Amazon USA

New to The Red King Trilogy? Catch up with The Phantom of Faerie Mountain!

The Phantom of Faerie Mountain

1st Place Winner for Young Adult – 2016 Purple Dragonfly Award
Silver Award for Young Adult Mystery – 2016 Readers Favorite

A telepathic dog. An ancient prophecy. Two devious faeries.

The Phantom of Faerie Mountain (The Red King Trilogy Book 1) by [McIntyre, E M]14 yr old Abby Fletcher must unravel their connection when she is thrown into a world of unknowns after receiving a mysterious message from a frightening beast: The Red King must set me free. Determined to discover the meaning of this puzzling phrase, Abby sets off to explore a nearby Scottish mountainside in search of clues.

What Abby doesn’t realize, however, is that it’s not a matter of where she will find her answers but when. Whisked back to the early 14th century, Abby must find the courage to solve the mystery of the Red King and save not only herself but a group of powerless captives wrapped up in a faerie plot.

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Purchase, Amazon USA— on sale for only 99 pennies! FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

About the Author


From Amazon:

Native to Minnesota, E M McIntyre immersed herself in the worlds of Xanth and Narnia as a child and dreamed of one day creating her own magical world for others to enjoy. After receiving a Master’s degree in Biology, E M decided the time was right to pursue her true passion of authorship. Her debut YA fantasy novel, The Phantom of Faerie Mountain, is the first of three in the Red King Trilogy. She is currently working on the second installment, The Secret of Berry Brae Circle. When not daydreaming of magic, mystery, and mischievous characters, E M enjoys gardening and spending time with her crazy pack of five Italian greyhounds.



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