Coming Soon: Spring in Summerland (Season of the Witch II) by April L Wood #bookblast #YA #YALITCHAT #paranormalromance #witch

Author April L Wood

Spring in Summerland banner

And the countdown begins!

I’m so excited to publish the next installment of Season of the Witch, Spring in Summerland, with Bellatrix Press next month! If you haven’t already, please consider adding to your Goodreads TBR List:

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When a teen air witch named Spring visits her grandparents—the High Priest and Priestess of the Widow-Tears clan—she expects a relaxing vacation and some much needed breathing space from her parents, not to be once again stifled, but this time by the troubled Spirit Witches of Elderberry Thicket who shadow her.

The valley of the dead—a meeting ground for Spirit Witches in limbo—is overrun with unsettled ghosts. But why do they all collect below High Priest Hazel and High Priestess Violet’s house? Could it be because their house was once a funeral home? Or is something else amiss?

An unexpected romance blooms between Spring and Oak of the Wormwood clan. Young love…

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