Spring in Summerland, Season of the Witch Book Two, Releases Tomorrow on Amazon Kindle! #Bookblast #kindledeals #amazonkindle #IARTG #YALitChat #fantasy #PNR #amwriting #newrelease

Author April L Wood


Spring in Summerland

Season of the Witch Book Two,

by April L Wood

Published by Bellatrix Press, an Imprint of Prince & Pauper Press

PREORDER HERE For your Amazon Kindle!

Now Available on Nook!

Print edition is brewing in the Bellatrix Pub Cauldron! TBR this Summer!


When a teen air witch named Spring visits her grandparents for some much needed breathing space from her smothering parents, she’s once again stifled, but this time by the troubled Spirit Witches of Elderberry Thicket who shadow her.

After a chance encounter at her grandparents’ Ostara celebration, romance blooms between Spring and Oak of the Wormwood clan. Love is in the air and Spring is filling up, unlike Oak who at times seems to be holding his breath. Why does the one person she wants around keep his distance?

Spring doesn’t want to meddle in the affairs of the dead, but as her ties…

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