AWRW Book Blog Presents: The Spooktacular Schedule of 31 Days of Halloween Reads #Horror & #DarkFiction #IARTG #Halloween #BookPromo

Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween, where A Well Read Woman Blog will be presenting horror and dark fiction novels, book reviews, interviews, guest posts, and more with dark fiction and horror authors, daily!


Here’s the Spooktacular Schedule!

A Well Read Woman Blog31days

October 1st: Author Jean Nicole Rivers, Black Water Tales: The Unwanted Book Review

October 2nd: Author Adrianne James, Mackenzie Duncan Series Book Review

October 3rd: Author Jacqueline E. Smith, Cemetery Tours Series Book Review

October 4th: Author Rasheedah Prioleau, Everlasting ( da ebbulastin ) Book Review

October 5th: Author K.P. Ambroziak, The Vincent du Maurier Vampire Series Book Review

October 6th: Author Pete Barber, Maya: Symbiogenesis Book Review

October 7th: Author Isla Morley, Above Book Review

October 8th: Author H. Anne Henry, Once Broken Book Review

October 9th: Author Jerrie Brock, Author Interview

October 10th: Author Julie Frayn, Mazie Baby Book Review

October 11th: Author Rebecca Berto, Precise Book Review

October 12th: Author Jennifer McMahon, The Night Sister Book Review

October 13th: Author Carissa Ann Lynch, Flocksdale Files Series Book Review

October 14th: Author Stephen Kozeniewski, Braineater Jones Book Review

October 15th: Author Kevin Ikenberry, Sleeper Protocol Book Review

October 16th: Author Erin Lee, Spooktacular Spotlight and The Ranch Release Blitz

October 17th: Author Christa Wojciechowski, Sick Series Book Review

October 18th: Author Kelly Miller, Splintered Book Review

October 19th: Author Robin Raven, Spooktacular Spotlight!

October 20th: Author J.L. Bryan, Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper Book Review + Freebie Friday!

October 21st: Author Jerrie Brock, Something Taken Series, Book Review

October 22nd: Guest post by Horror and Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Pete Barber: Advice for Aspiring Authors

October 23rd: Character Interview of Wendy Wise from Have You Seen This Girl? by Author Carissa Ann Lynch

October 24th: An Early Interview with Dark Fiction Author Carissa Ann Lynch

October 25th: Spooktacular Spotlight of Pocketful of Bones by Author Julie Frayn

October 26th: An Interview with Author Eden Baylee

October 27th: Author Eden Baylee, A Snake in Paradise Book Review

October 28th: Author Anne Kelleher, The Ghost and Katie Coyle Book Review

October 29th: Author Trisha J. Wooldridge, Mirror of Hearts Book Review

October 30th: New England Horror Writers, Wicked Haunted Book Review

October 31st: 31 Days of Halloween Recap and Spooktacular Spotlight of Daughter of The Night, by Debut Author Tiki Kos

Every day is Halloween this October on A Well Read Woman Blog!



35 thoughts on “AWRW Book Blog Presents: The Spooktacular Schedule of 31 Days of Halloween Reads #Horror & #DarkFiction #IARTG #Halloween #BookPromo”

  1. […] This month I celebrated Halloween by featuring a month-long Spooktacular Spotlight called 31 Days of Halloween Reads. For the entire month of October, I featured dark fiction and horror authors, interviews, guest blog posts, and book promos on A Well Read Woman Blog. It was a fun month, and you can check out the main page which will take you to each individual posting, here! […]


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