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AWRW Presents 31 Days of Halloween Reads Featuring Wicked Haunted, by @NEHorrorWriters! #Horror #BookReview #AWellReadWomanBlog


Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween Reads, where A Well Read Woman Blog will be presenting horror and dark fiction novels, book reviews, interviews, guest posts, and more with dark fiction and horror authors, daily!

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Today I’m shining the Spooktacular Spotlight on the latest anthology by the New England Horror Writers, Wicked Haunted!


The New England Horror Writers are an organization focusing on authors of horror and dark fiction in the New England area. Contributing authors, editors, and illustrators of  the horror anthology, Wicked Haunted, are:

Bracken MacLeod Lost Boy
James A. Moore Pulped
Remy Flagg Murmur
Doungjai Gam Bepko We’re all Haunted Here
Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon Ghost Maker
Kenneth Vaughan And They Too Want to be Remembered
Peter Dudar The Thing With No Face
GD Dearborn Triumph of the Spirit
Nick Manzolillo My Work is Not yet Completed
Paul McNamee East Boston Relief Station
Trisha Wooldridge Ghosts in their eyes
Curtis M. Lawson Everything Smells like Smoke Again
Renee Mulhare Stranding Off Schroodic Point
Tom Deady Turn Up the Old Victrola
Dan Szczesny Boy on the Red Tricycle
Dan Foley They Come With the Storm
Barry Lee Dejasu Tripping the Ghost
Rob Smales Road to Gallway
Paul McMahon The Pick Apart
Morgan Sylvia The Thin Place
Matt Bechtel The Walking Man
Larissa Glasser The Mouse
Patricia Gomes Scrying Through Torn Screens

Genre: Horror Fiction
Themes: New England Haunts, Bone Chilling Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Supernatural
Kindle Edition, 274 pages
Published October 15th 2017 by NEHW Press
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AWRW Rating: 5/5 Stars


Ghost stories, from local myths to full blown horror shows, have been spun around campfires since the dawn of man, passed from generation to generation for edification or simply to frighten and thrill. They lead us along dark side roads, into murky swamps and abandoned houses. Ghost stories bring us face-to-face with the farmer harboring secret graves behind his barn, the old man living next to the cemetery, or the frightened person staring back at you from the mirror. They haunt the listeners and readers and make them want to re-tell them again and again, so they would not be alone in their fear.

The New England Horror Writers are proud to present their fifth anthology: Wicked Haunted. Featuring fiction and poetry from Matt Bechtel, Tom Deady, GD Dearborn, Barry Lee Dejasu, Peter N. Dudar, Jeremy Flagg, Dan Foley, doungjai gam, Emma J. Gibbon, Larissa Glasser, Patricia Gomes, Curtis M. Lawson, Bracken MacLeod, Nick Manzolillo, Paul McMahon, Paul R. McNamee, James A. Moore, R.C. Mulhare, Rob Smales, Morgan Sylvia, Dan Szczesny, KH Vaughan and Trisha J. Wooldridge. Interior artwork by Ogmios, Judi Calhoun and Kali Moulton. Cover art by Mikio Murakami.

AWRW 5 Star Book Review

Wicked Haunted, an anthology of the New England Horror Writers, is a collection of  ghost tales ranging from bone-chilling to downright macabre. From nightmares that pass from dream into reality, specters of young lost boys looking for their way, vengeful spirits, to haunting illustrations and so much more, this anthology has it all.

I enjoyed all of the stories, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Peter N. Dudar’s The Thing with No Face, followed by Larissa Glasser’s The Mouse. The anthology begins with Dudar’s The Thing with No Face, but long after I finished reading the anthology I was still haunted by this story. Glasser’s The Mouse had me downright emotional!

Other notable tales were Everything Smells like Smoke Again, by Curtis M. Lawson — holy moly, what a story! And that ending, wow! The Walking Man, by Matt Bechtel, had me picking up my jaw from the floor, and Ghosts In Their Eyes, a poem by Trisha J. Wooldridge, brought tears to mine. The Road to Gallway, by Rob Smales, was spine-tingling awesome. Jeremy Flagg’s Murmur was a sci-fi/horror crossover that surprised me (in the best of ways) with it’s science fiction elements. I could go on and on. There wasn’t a story that I didn’t like.

What’s great about an anthology is that if you’re pressed for time, or just want to read a little before bed (if you dare!), each tale is short enough to read quickly, while still packing a punch that immerses you into a world of supernatural and paranormal terror. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited, and for sale at a special price of only $2.99 this week (Halloween 2017)!

Grab your copy of Wicked Haunted here! (Amazon, USA Link)

About the Authors

The New England Horror Writers (NEHW) provides peer support and networking for authors of horror and dark fantasy in the New England Area. NEHW is primarily a writer’s organization, focusing on authors of horror and dark fiction in all mediums (novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, etc) in the New England area. We are also open to professional editors, artists & illustrators, agents and publishers of horror and dark fiction. NEHW activities include book signings, readings, panel discussions at conventions, and social gatherings. With members ranging from Maine to Connecticut, NEHW events take place in varying locations in an effort to provide support for our members throughout New England. Find us on facebook or at




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