Happy Women in Horror Month! Featuring Ten Women Horror Fiction Writers #WiHM #IARTG



In celebration of Women in Horror Month, I’m featuring my favorite women writers of dark fiction. I’ve painstakingly narrowed my list to ten talented contributors of horror, who are also indie and small-pressed published. Here’s who I think you should be reading:

Rasheedah Prioleau

Rasheedah Prioleau

Rasheedah Prioleau is a southern African American writer with an eclectic range of writing and ghostwriting credits. After a few years in the corporate world she started over from the bottom as an unpaid intern for a literary manager and never looked back. — Amazon Author Bio.

I’ve read several books by Ms. Prioleau, including American Specter: The Seven Sisters, Everlasting (Da eb’bulastin) A Gullah Horror Story, and Amulette Aflame. Her novels are thoroughly researched, tightly plotted, and guaranteed to keep you up all night. Check out her books and latest updates, here!


Trisha Wooldridge

Trisha J. Wooldridge

Trisha J. Wooldridge is the current president of Broad Universe and a senior editor for Spencer Hill Press. She’s also a member of New England Horror Writers, the HWA, and SCBWI. Under her full name, she writes grown-up horror short stories that occasionally win awards, like the EPIC 2008, 2009 for anthologies BAD-ASS FAERIES 2: JUST PLAIN BAD and BAD-ASS FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY, and you can also find her in EPITAPHS, WICKED SEASONS, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?, HOLIDAY MAGICK, and ONCE UPON AN APOCALYPSE. She has co-produced the Spencer Hill Press anthologies UNCONVENTIONAL and DOORWAYS TO EXTRA TIME. In her child-friendly persona of T.J. Wooldridge, she’s published three novels: THE KELPIE, THE EARL’S CHILDE, and SILENT STARSONG. As if she weren’t busy enough, Trish is also the writing partner for the webcomic AURELIO at http://www.thevampireaurelio.com. Find out more at http://www.anovelfriend.com. — Amazon Author Bio
In addition to writing spine tingling horror, like Mirror of Hearts, Ms. Wooldridge writes children’s fiction, and emotionally gripping poetry. Her poems and short stories have been featured in a number of anthologies, and she’s published three full length novels to date. Check out her books and updates, here!

Miracle Austin

Miracle Austin

Miracle Austin works in the social work world by day and the writer’s world at night and weekends. She’s a YA/NA cross-genre author; adults also enjoy her works. She’s been writing ever since first hearing Drive by The Cars in junior high, which has been one of her biggest inspirations. She rediscovered her writing passion, recently. Her first mini-story, PENS, appeared in http://www.leaves-of-ink.com. Horror/suspense are her favorite genres, but not limited to. She enjoys writing diverse flashes, short stories, and longer works, while threading various social awareness themes into her stories, at times. Boundless will be her second debut work, which will be a YA/NA eclectic short story collection. She enjoys creating playlists that inspire some of her stories and enjoys attending diverse book festivals and comic cons, where she has been so honored to be one of the panelists on some. The highlights of attending the above functions include opportunities to hang out with author friends and meet new authors/readers. Miracle is currently working on future works and resides in Texas with her family.

From an interview:

Is there any special reason why you favorite horror/suspense over the other genres of fiction?

My exposure to horror/suspense arenas occurred prior my junior high years. My mom used to listen to an AM radio station, cannot recall name, on Friday nights that aired creepy stories. I was sold instantly and couldn’t wait until the next airing. Horror/suspense just meshed with me from the start. I craved all forms except possession type horror. 

I also enjoy writing other genres and will mash-up, at times. — Read more.

Miracle Austin is a fantastic person to know. She’s extremely supportive of other writers and has a cheerful online presence. Check out Ms. Austin’s updates, here!

Julie Frayn

Julie Frayn

Julie Frayn is a multi-award-winning Canadian author of novels and short stories that pack a punch. And a few stabs. She is fluent in three languages — English, sarcasm, and profanity. Although she didn’t invent swearing, Julie wields it like the visionary vulgarian who threw the first f#(k out into a crowd. She writes psychological suspense filled with a lot death, a bit of sex, and sprinkled with the F-word (sometimes… not so sprinkled). Her favourite pastime is murder night (translation: watching crime drama and drinking beer with her daughter). Her least favourite pastime is writing author bios (translation: author bios — yuck). 

Long live the Oxford comma!

I love this woman’s writing. Pocketful of Bones is one of my favorite books, EVER. Check out Ms. Frayn’s updates and books, here! (And be sure to grab Pocketful of Bones!)

Jean Nicole Rivers

JeanNicole Rivers

I was born in the tiny, but lovable town of Centralia, IL which has a two screen movie theatre, one high school and still celebrates May Fete, so I had no choice, but to develop a fantastic imagination. Since childhood I have been writing everything from short stories to songs, but I have always aspired to compose a novel. Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers is my first novel and the first book in what will be a series of thriller novels.

Philosophy was my study in college and I received a Bachelor of Arts in the subject from Florida International University. Writing is one of my most favored artistic pursuits, but my love for the arts does not stop there, I am also a vocalist and actress and participate in local theater in Houston Texas.

I LOVED Black Water Tales and have sung its praises on high to anyone who will listen. Check it out and follow this woman’s updates, here!

Jacqueline E. Smith

Jacqueline E. Smith

Jacqueline Smith was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Dallas, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Performance in 2010. Two years later, she earned her Master’s Degree in Humanities. 
Along with writing and publishing, Jacqueline loves photography, traveling, and nature.
Fantastic writer. Amazing person. So happy to call this woman my FRIEND. Check out her updates and books, here!

Tiki Kos

Tiki Kos

Tiki was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. 
She has been married to her husband Joel since 2015 but together for ten years. She is obsessed with coffee, chocolate, and watching too much Netflix. Tiki also is an avid collector of all things Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy. 

Daughter of the Night, Tiki’s debut novel, absolutely blew me away. So much respect for this woman. And it’s currently FREE on Amazon. Download quick!

Larissa Glasser

Larissa Glasser

Larissa Glasser is a librarian, genre writer, trans woman from Boston. Her short fiction has appeared in Wicked Haunted (New England Horror Writers), Tragedy Queens: stories inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath (Clash Books), Procyon Science Fiction Anthology 2016 (Tayen Lane Publishing), and The Healing Monsters Volume One (Despumation Press). Larissa co-edited Resilience: a collection of stories by trans writers (Heartspark Press). Her debut novella F4 is available from Eraserhead Press on January 15, 2018. Larissa is a Member at Large of Broad Universe, which advocates for female-identified writers of genre fiction. She is on Twitter @larissaeglasser and blogs at https://larissaglasser.com/.
I was introduced to this amazing woman after reading her short story, The Mouse, which was featured in Wicked Haunted, an Anthology by the New England Horror Writers. I STILL THINK ABOUT THIS STORY. It was both emotionally gripping and SCARY. The ending just about killed me.
Check out Ms. Glasser’s updates and books, here!

K.P. Ambroziak

K P Ambroziak

K.P. Ambroziak’s THE JOURNAL OF VINCENT DU MAURIER (RAGE FOR BLOOD) was featured in Publishers Weekly Reviews Roundup in 2015.

Five words: Literary horror at its finest!

I love Ms. Ambroziak’s work for a number of reasons. Her covers are extremely gorgeous and her words are, just… WOW. Keep up with her updates and check out her amazing books, here!

Erin Lee

Erin Lee

Erin Lee is a dark fiction/reality author and therapist chasing a crazy dream one crazy story at a time. She is the author of books published by Savant Books and Publications, Limitless Publishing, Black Rose Writing, Zombie Cupcake Press, Bella Tulip Press, and Crazy Ink.
Her Diary of a Serial Killer Series is an international bestselling series as is the Moving On Series that she co-wrote with Chelsi Davis. Upcoming titles include Wendigo and Momma. She is a co-founder of the Escape from Reality Series and author of several books in that series.
Lee holds a master’s degree in psychology and works with at-risk families and as a court appointed special advocate. When she isn’t busy dissecting the human experience, she enjoys escaping from reality through reading and spending time with her muses and canine companions and therapy dogs—Thomas the Terrier and Milo Muse. To her, laughter is the best medicine of all.

If you aren’t already reading this woman’s books, you need to be. I’m amazed by her productivity and determination. She is not only an amazing writer, but an amazing FRIEND. Check out her titles and follow her, here!

Happy Women in Horror Month!


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