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“I can’t say for certain that fictional stories make the world a better place, but they certainly make my world a better place. There are moments in my past that were only tolerable because I was able to lose myself in a book. It was just like magic. The real world with all its problems suddenly didn’t exist anymore. Only this new story existed, and it was more important to me than just about anything. And I try my best to access that same source of magic whenever I write a new book.” — Author Jacqueline E Smith

A Platform of Sorts

In all my years spent reading, I have always been drawn to fiction.  My sister loves to read anything and everything, from history to psychology to autobiographies.  I read such books for school, of course, and occasionally for fun, but I always, always go back to fiction.  And for most of my life, I never really knew why that was.  After all, non-fiction is fascinating.  It’s true.  It’s relevant.

But the cool thing about fiction, I realized one day while discussing our varied taste in reading material with my sister, is that it is a world of the writer’s own creation.  Authors of fiction could write anything, and yet they chose to right that particular book.  Those stories and characters would not exist were it not for the author’s decision to write them.  That makes each fiction book, at least in my opinion, something very, very remarkable.

What is…

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AWRW Book Review: Worldwide, a Boy Band novel # 3, by Author Jacqueline E Smith @JackieSmith114

 Melissa Parker’s secret is out. Now that the entire world knows she’s dating Sam Morneau, Mel suddenly finds herself and her relationship under the intense scrutiny of celebrity gossip bloggers, curious fans, and appropriately concerned family members. But then, that’s nothing compared to the other secrets and scandals that plague The Kind of September. In … Continue reading AWRW Book Review: Worldwide, a Boy Band novel # 3, by Author Jacqueline E Smith @JackieSmith114

August Happenings

Check out Backstage, the award-winning novel by Author Jacqueline E Smith!

A Platform of Sorts

Hi, friends!  Happy Thursday!

This week has been super busy and I can’t help but think it’s only going to get busier as September approaches.

I was thrilled yesterday to learn that Backstage, the second book in the Boy Band series, won an award!  Go Indie Now awarded me the Literary Excellence Award for July!  I was so excited!

Because of my busy schedule, I haven’t been focusing on new projects as much as I’d like.  I’m hoping that will change soon.  I have four – count ’em… one, two, three, FOUR – projects that I’m currently working on and all of which I’m really excited about.  I think I already mentioned all this in a previous blog post, but my biggest challenge in having four current works in progress is, of course, figuring out how to divide up my time and attention and deciding which book I want…

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Cover Reveal: The Unlove Spell, by Author Kendra L Saunders! @Bellatrix_Press @KendryBird @Parthalan #Fantasy #Romance #Magic

The Unlove Spell by Kendra L. Saunders Release Date: December 12, 2016 Publisher: Bellatrix Press Genre: Romance   Magic has certain rules. You can't really make someone fall in love with you, but you can prevent them from falling in love with anyone else... that is, if you're any good with magic in the first … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Unlove Spell, by Author Kendra L Saunders! @Bellatrix_Press @KendryBird @Parthalan #Fantasy #Romance #Magic

July Reading Recap: Featured the Works of @AuthorBernette,@AKelleherAuthor, @JohnHeldt,@LorettaNyhan, @HazelHughesER #NationalBookLoversDay

Happy #NationalBookLoversDay! Check out my book recommendations in #SciFi, #ChickLit, and #ParanormalRomance!

Author April L Wood

Happy national book lovers day!

Welcome, bookworms to my July reading recap! The following are condensed book reviews of novels I’ve read in July. For full book reviews – which include Amazon and Goodreads links, please click on the links or visit A Well Read Woman Blog!

Summer, Bikini, Hat, Sun Hat, Straw Hat, Shades

chosenI began the month with CHOSEN, by author A. Bernette. CHOSEN is a futuristic, dystopian novel about a select group of children (the chosen) who receive doses of a controversial serum shot. Each child is “designed” to perform certain missions, as well as having a certain talent/gift that sets them apart from the others. However, at this stage in the game, the chosen don’t appear to be up to the task to win the battle. And it doesn’t help that even they don’t know their own purpose, nor their unique talents and abilities.

I loved the rich setting of this novel. Everything…

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REBLOG: The Legacy Continues… Copper Veins by Jennifer Allis Provost is live!

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REBLOG: Dance with Me is Live! — Hazel Hughes Romance

Check out the latest from Author Hazel Hughes and Evernight Publishing! DANCE WITH ME, a contemporary erotic thriller! ~AWRW When ambitious reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong agrees to dancer Alexi Davydenko’s naughty drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every question he answers – she’s only thinking about getting her story. But Alexi has a … Continue reading REBLOG: Dance with Me is Live! — Hazel Hughes Romance