AWRW Professional Beta Reading Service for Authors


Authors, are you looking for feedback on your finished manuscript? Allow me to help you identify any problems with the readability of your story, BEFORE you query any agents, publishers, or self-publish.

I offer constructive criticism that focuses on the following:

Your opening scene – does your MS begin in the right place? Does it create a desire to read more?

Your characters and their motives – in regards to likability, plausibility, and their influence on the plot.

Plot/Conflict – Are there enough stakes/tension to keep it a page turner?

Pacing – Does every scene add to the story? Is there a lot of info dumping/backstory that moves the story backward instead of forward?

Setting/World Building



Overall Impression

If you are interested in a manuscript critique, please contact me at Include in your email, the genre of your story, word count, and that you are interested in a beta read/manuscript critique. I am accepting romance, women’s fiction/chick lit, fantasy, ya, cozy mystery, and horror/thriller, but will consider other genres as well.

Critiques are completed on schedule, within 7 days upon receipt of Paypal payment.

55,000 words or less $30.00 USD

55,001 – 75,000 words: $40.00 USD

75,001 – 100,000 words: $60.00 USD

100,001 – 125,000 words: $80.00 USD

125,001 – 150,000 words: $100.00 USD

150,001 – 200,000: $150.00 USD

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! Let’s make your manuscript shine!

Please note: My role as your beta reader is to evaluate your manuscript for readability and provide valuable feedback. I will comment in-line (margins) on your word document as well as provide a letter with comprehensive, thoughtful feedback on your opening scene, characters & motivation, plot, conflict, pacing, setting/world-building, dialogue, craft, etc., and my overall impression.


“April helped me HUGELY with my very early draft of Dating An Alien Pop Star. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Her advice about the sex scenes really helped make it a better book, among other things. She’s awesome!”–Author Kendra L. Saunders

“If you’re looking for an inexpensive, efficient, and honest beta reader, I cannot recommend April Wood enough! Efficient, honest and reasonable.” –Author Karissa Laurel


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