AWRW Book Review: Worldwide, a Boy Band novel # 3, by Author Jacqueline E Smith @JackieSmith114


worldwide Melissa Parker’s secret is out.

Now that the entire world knows she’s dating Sam Morneau, Mel suddenly finds herself and her relationship under the intense scrutiny of celebrity gossip bloggers, curious fans, and appropriately concerned family members.

But then, that’s nothing compared to the other secrets and scandals that plague The Kind of September. In the midst of their long-anticipated world tour, a toxic combination of infidelity and betrayal has left the band and its fan base angry, confused, and ultimately broken.

No one ever said that life with the world’s most popular boy band was easy, but in spite of everything she’s seen, Mel is still willing to believe that it’s worth it.

Published July 12th 2016 by Wind Trail Publishing

Genre: YA, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Series: Boy Band


I am such a huge fan of The Kind of September!

WORLDWIDE focuses on the downside of fame: rumors, gossip, crazed fans, and the not-so-nice hashtags trending on twitter. The tension between the guys is palpable and the band is falling apart. But, amidst all the drama, the show must go on!

And of course now that the world knows that Sam and Mel are dating, she too is thrown into the spotlight. Poor Mel! Fame brings its own problems regarding relationships and falling in love. Dating a high-profile band member puts Mel in the public eye of a lot of jealous fans! Her family is (justifiably) worried.

Despite the drama that surrounds them – the romance between Mel and Sam is super sweet. I love them as a couple!

I’ve mentioned it before but I love how Author Jacqueline E. Smith includes the band’s song lyrics in her writing. The lyrics are beautiful and I can almost hear the band playing in my head when I read her poetry. It’s such a nice touch.

The characters are so lovable. I enjoyed all the witty dialogue between the characters. Sam Morneau is literally laugh-out-loud funny! I just love the band conversations between the guys.

And the villain I love to hate is back – I won’t say much more, but whoa… it’s a whopper!

This series is a MUST for music lovers. Highly recommended!

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Jacqueline E. Smith

Jacqueline Smith was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Dallas, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Performance in 2010. Two years later, she earned her Master’s Degree in Humanities.
Along with writing and publishing, Jacqueline loves photography, traveling, and nature.

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August Happenings

Check out Backstage, the award-winning novel by Author Jacqueline E Smith!

A Platform of Sorts

Hi, friends!  Happy Thursday!

This week has been super busy and I can’t help but think it’s only going to get busier as September approaches.

I was thrilled yesterday to learn that Backstage, the second book in the Boy Band series, won an award!  Go Indie Now awarded me the Literary Excellence Award for July!  I was so excited!

Because of my busy schedule, I haven’t been focusing on new projects as much as I’d like.  I’m hoping that will change soon.  I have four – count ’em… one, two, three, FOUR – projects that I’m currently working on and all of which I’m really excited about.  I think I already mentioned all this in a previous blog post, but my biggest challenge in having four current works in progress is, of course, figuring out how to divide up my time and attention and deciding which book I want…

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Cover Reveal: The Unlove Spell, by Author Kendra L Saunders! @Bellatrix_Press @KendryBird @Parthalan #Fantasy #Romance #Magic

The Unlove Spell by Kendra L. Saunders
Release Date: December 12, 2016
Publisher: Bellatrix Press

Genre: Romance


Magic has certain rules. You can’t really make someone fall in love with you, but you can prevent them from falling in love with anyone else… that is, if you’re any good with magic in the first place.

The Unlove Spell
is the story of Marling Ellis, a young witch who accidentally places a spell on herself to prevent her heart from ever belonging to anyone but Viktor Arson, the sexy, aristocratic Russian writer she shared a passionate, but brief, fling with. Marling’s spent the five years since their fling alone, occupying her personal time with the internet and hot chocolate. Viktor, a fae prince, has gone on to become a world-famous writer. He can also still make a killer good cup of coffee (even from lame coffee beans) and wear the hell out of some leather pants. Marling finds herself caught up in a plot by one of her former magic teachers and ends up in Russia, hunting Viktor down and trying to figure out if she really loves him, or if her feelings are just a product of the unlove spell.


Kendra L. Saunders is a time-and-space traveling fashionista author who writes books about magical, dark-haired men, interviews famous people, and suggests way too many bands to you via whatever social media platform she can get her hands on. She writes with good humor because humor is the best weapon for a girl who can’t learn karate (or ballroom dancing).

She is the author of DATING AN ALIEN POP STAR, the magic realism novel INANIMATE OBJECTS, dark comedy DEATH AND MR. RIGHT, the upcoming romance THE UNLOVE SPELL, and has conducted interviews with NYT Bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, goth rocker Aurelio Voltaire, and Project Runway winners Dmitry Sholokhov and Michelle Lesniak Franklin among many, many / @kendrybird /
Bellatrix Press brings magical stories into your world, one book at a time.

AWRW Book Review: Copper Veins (Copper Legacy III) by Author Jennifer Allis Provost @Parthalan


Sacopperveinsbook3ra’s pretty sure her life is perfect.

Not only are she and Micah finally married, her father, who’d been missing since the Magic Wars, has been found. Actually, he just strode up to the manor’s front door, but whatever. Sara knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.

But Baudoin Corbeau isn’t content to return to family life. He’s decided that he will be the force of change in the Mundane world, and lead the Elemental resistance to victory with his children at his side. What’s worse, Baudoin doesn’t approve of Sara’s marriage, and makes every attempt to separate her from Micah.

After a visit to the Mundane realm leaves Sara, Max and Sadie imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, Sara’s doubts creep to the surface. Is her father right? Does she belong in the Mundane realm, not the Otherworld? Is Micah really the right man—make that elf—for her?
Was marrying him a mistake?



Genre: Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Romance

Copper Legacy Series

This author reignited my love of fantasy – something I lost for a very long time, since I was a little girl. I slowly read my way through this novel, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I didn’t want it to end. I love all the romance between Sara and Micah, and the tight family bonds between Sara and her family.

In this installment, Sara and Micah are married. Life is perfect… or so it seems. Why doesn’t Sara’s father not approve of her husband? And why does her father seem like a stranger?

Sara struggles with these issues and when she eventually learns the truth, it shocks her to her very core. I was rather surprised too, and the plot twist was anything but predictable. I recommend this series to fans of romance and urban fantasy – if you like both genres, all the better!




Copper Girl, Copper Legacy Book I

Copper Ravens, Copper Legacy Book II

Copper Veins, Copper Legacy Book III



JeJennifer Allis Provostnnifer Allis Provost writes books about faeries, orcs and elves. Zombies too. She grew up in the wilds of Western Massachusetts and had read every book in the local library by age twelve. (It was a small library). An early love of mythology and folklore led to her epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Parthalan, and her day job as a cubicle monkey helped shape her urban fantasy, Copper Girl. When she’s not writing about things that go bump in the night (and sometimes during the day) she’s working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.


July Reading Recap: Featured the Works of @AuthorBernette,@AKelleherAuthor, @JohnHeldt,@LorettaNyhan, @HazelHughesER #NationalBookLoversDay

Featured Image -- 2145

Happy #NationalBookLoversDay! Check out my book recommendations in #SciFi, #ChickLit, and #ParanormalRomance!

Author April L Wood

Happy national book lovers day!

Welcome, bookworms to my July reading recap! The following are condensed book reviews of novels I’ve read in July. For full book reviews – which include Amazon and Goodreads links, please click on the links or visit A Well Read Woman Blog!

Summer, Bikini, Hat, Sun Hat, Straw Hat, Shades

chosenI began the month with CHOSEN, by author A. Bernette. CHOSEN is a futuristic, dystopian novel about a select group of children (the chosen) who receive doses of a controversial serum shot. Each child is “designed” to perform certain missions, as well as having a certain talent/gift that sets them apart from the others. However, at this stage in the game, the chosen don’t appear to be up to the task to win the battle. And it doesn’t help that even they don’t know their own purpose, nor their unique talents and abilities.

I loved the rich setting of this novel. Everything…

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AWRW Book Review: When I’m Dead, by Author Erin Lee @CrazyLikeMe2015

Erin Lee - When I'm Dead Teaser3

Thanks for visiting A Well Read Woman Blog for Author Erin Lee’s When I’m Dead Blog Tour! I’m excited to share with you all my review.🙂

“Beware of Picket Fences”

Violet Hoffman is a planner. She’s had more than enough time—especially on holidays—to think this through. There’s really no point in turning back. Now, armed with a plan, Violet only needs to pull the trigger. She runs through her list of essentials: Motel room, check. Bottle of pills, check. Razor blades, check. Knife, yup. Purpose, check. Voice ready to be heard. Got it. Revenge, coming right up.

Violet is ready. After all, she decides, everyone is born for a reason. For most of her life, she’s been different. Since she was nine years old, she’s carried a secret that made it impossible for her to be normal. For a decade, she’s been torn between loyalties and Erin Lee - When I'm Dead Coverhealing. But now, finally an adult, Violet can let it all out. And it isn’t going to be pretty. But then again, being ‘pretty’ and ‘special’ really aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

When I’m Dead is the story of an eighteen-year-old abuse victim alienated by her family. Ignored by a faulty system and shuffled from placement to placement, Violet is finally old enough to be heard. Sometimes, the best messages are given without words. And Violet’s always been a person of action. Where will Violet’s plan and actions take her? Will she finally get her message across? What will they think of her, when she’s dead? Will they even notice?

Special edition aimed at reducing stigma on sexual abuse, 224 pages
Expected publication: August 8th 2016
Genre: Contemporary, Psychology, Abuse, Fiction
Erin Lee - When I'm Dead Teaser
Erin Lee - When I'm Dead Teaser 5

Whoa. Hold up a minute while I catch my breath…

When I’m Dead, by Author Erin Lee reads like a memoir. It spans from when Violet Hoffman – a victim of childhood sexual abuse – is nine years old, until adulthood. While she feels very alone, her voice speaks for many victims.

She’s torn between living and suicide and wonders if anyone would care if she died – certainly not her mother, who never believed her. Maybe one of her foster mothers would care… but it would be fleeting. What does she have to live for?

I did good with keeping my emotions in check until the epilogue where real children’s stories were added – their names changed to protect their innocence. Then, I had to get my tissues.

I found this story to not only be informative, but inspirational. It’s a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit. Victims of sexual abuse may find this novel helpful – they might not feel so alone. Violet Hoffman, while fictitious, is a hero.


*** I have added this novel to Goodreads Listopia: Books with Sexual Abuse as a Subject. Please give it a vote! ***


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Erin Lee

Erin Lee is a freelance writer and therapist living with her family in southern New Hampshire.

She’s published numerous magazine articles, particularly on the topic of mental illness. She is the author of “Crazy Like Me” from Savant Books and Publications and “Wave to Papa,” “Nine Lives,” and “Alters” with Limitless Publishing. She’s also author of “Host,” “Merge” and “When I’m Dead.” Her other writing interests include poetry and journaling. She recently completed her master’s degree in psychology and uses a narrative approach with clients.

She is currently writing “99 Bottles” and “Her Name was Sam.”

In her spare time, she serves as an unpaid taxi cab driver for her children and rescue/therapy dogs, Milo and Thomas.


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AWRW Author Spotlight: Mary Smith @MarySmithWriter


Last night my husband and I watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, (highly recommended by the way). In a nutshell, It’s about a western woman, journalist Kim Barker portrayed by the hilarious Tina Fey, who travels to Afghanistan. This got me thinking of another western woman, Author Mary Smith, and her travels to Afghanistan. So, today, I am shining the spotlight on her!

marysmith1Mary Smith has always loved writing. As a child she wrote stories in homemade books made from wallpaper trimmings – but she never thought people could grow up and become real writers. She spent a year working in a bank, which she hated – all numbers, very few words – ten years with Oxfam in the UK, followed by ten years working in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She longed to allow others to share her amazing, life-changing experiences so she wrote about them – fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism. And she discovered the little girl who wrote stories had become a real writer after all.
Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women is an account of her time in Afghanistan and her debut novel No More Mulberries is also set in Afghanistan.

Mary has written several books, but perhaps my favorite is Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni.

drunkchickensDrunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni offers a remarkable insight into the lives of Afghan women both before and after Taliban’s rise to power. The reader is caught up in the day-to-day lives of women like Sharifa, Latifa and Marzia, sharing their problems, dramas, the tears and the laughter: whether enjoying a good gossip over tea and fresh nan, dealing with a husband’s desertion, battling to save the life of a one-year-old opium addict or learning how to deliver babies safely.

Mary Smith spent several years in Afghanistan working on a health project for women and children in both remote rural areas and in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Given the opportunity to participate more fully than most other foreigners in the lives of the women, many of whom became close friends, she has been able to present this unique portrayal of Afghan women – a portrayal very different from the one most often presented by the media.

Here are the book details:

Paperback, 330 pages
Published November 1st 2012 by Indigo Dreams Publishing (first published December 2001)
Page Count: 330

Genre: Women’s Studies, War & Politics, Cultural Studies, Non-Fiction, Travel

What’s It About?

Author Mary Smith traveled to Afghanistan with her husband and son, to open a healthcare clinic, and train and recruit female volunteers. What she wasn’t expecting, was to meet women who were so far different from what is portrayed in the media.

“I had to accept that all I ‘knew’ and ‘understood’ about women in Afghanistan had been based on much too narrow a field of contact.”

The media is centrally focused on men and their war, neglecting to report on the day to day lives of Afghans, which of course contributes to western stereotypes of how Afghans live. Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni is about real Afghan women, and their thoughts and opinions.

Girl, Child, Female, Afghanistan, Cute, ConcernedMary Smith travels to different cities, on rough, dangerous streets, at one point having a rocket launcher pointed at her, all in the name of saving children’s lives and educating women on healthcare issues. Afghanistan was made better by Mary’s visits, as the babies are healthier and stronger, and common folk remedies, (such as fasting) are dismissed for more suitable treatments to illnesses, such as rehydration for diarrhea. As the women volunteers accept their certificates, they gain not only improved self esteem, but the respect from their husbands and their community.

“There are children alive today because of our work.”

Mary hoped to learn, from the women themselves, what life was really like for Afghan women. She learned all that and more, as they accepted her as one of their own, and became great friends.

My Thoughts

I am in such awe of Author Mary Smith. My respect of her has grown triple-fold, and I can honestly say that she is my hero.

I enjoyed this book for two reasons: 1) I have a strong interest in women’s studies, and 2.) I have a strong interest in the healthcare field. This book satisfied two of my curiosities.

Often, Mary recalls events in humor, and while I wasn’t expecting to be laughing out loud over a book about Afghanistan, I was.

“Icy winds had swept across the plains to pierce our many layers of clothing. Everyone was so well padded it looked like the city had been taken over by Michelin Men.”

So, that was certainly a nice surprise.:)

I also learned about Afghan cooking and cuisine. I think I would lose a lot of weight… Afghanistan, Cooking, Culture, Young Woman, MuslimSurviving off of tea and naan, (flat bread), eggs, mulberries, and melon (when in season) would not be very satisfying. And if I was “lucky”, goat, tough chicken and, get ready for this… sheep head!

What I found most amusing about Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni, was the extra-marital sexual freedom her translator, Iqbal, describes. For starters, sex is a taboo subject, and if caught having an extra-marital affair, the woman could be, at the very least, given a 100 lashes, and at the most, stoned to death. It is amazing to me that anyone would risk having sex, let alone extra-marital, with rules like that. I was equally as confused and shocked, as Mary was, to learn that a married woman would dare flirt with another man, with the consequences mentioned above.

Also, Iqbal tells Mary, that he believed that western women were very loose, parading men in and out of their bedrooms all day, (thanks to western TV shows, and magazines for that notion). The sexual stereotypes of different cultures were certainly amusing to me. I got a good laugh at that one, especially when Mary asked him if he believed that of her, and he said, “No, you’re old!” –Mind you, she was 39!!!!

Plus, Mary had to teach the women about gynecological issues, with a less than helpful, prudish, conversational Dari language teacher. I laughed at the ways Mary came up with her own way, and words to teach the women these issues.

I also enjoyed learning about the lives of Afghan women, and how it varied depending on what city you lived in. In the cities, the women are more “free” and are out and about on the streets, highly visible, and working alongside men. In more rural areas of Afghanistan, women are treated like donkeys, barely able to look you in the eye because of the way they have been conditioned.

“One day, life will be different for women in Afghanistan, but it will never be the same as in your country. We have to find our own way.”

Afghanistan, Landscape, Aerial View, Sky
Aerial view of Afghanistan

Mary’s heroic work takes a backseat to the lives of Afghan women in Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni. She is very humble about her achievements, instead choosing to focus on the women she met. Mary discusses life in Afghanistan, both before, during, and after the Taliban regime, and the effect the Taliban had on the cities and people, specifically women. Any reader who is interested in women’s studies, healthcare, or afghan culture can benefit from reading this book. I minored in women’s studies at the University of CT, and I strongly believe that this book should be REQUIRED READING for a college level women’s studies class. I know I am smarter because of reading Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni


Amazon, USA

Amazon, UK

Amazon, AU

Amazon, CA


Books By Mary Smith

Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni

No More Mulberries

Thousands Pass Here Every Day

Before The Taliban: Living With War, Hoping For Peace

Dumfries Through Time

Mary loves interacting with her readers. Connect with her on social media:



Novel Points Of View

*** All images of Afghanistan are listed as free for commercial use with no attribution required. If this is a mistake, please contact me and I will remove them immediately. No copyright infringement intended.***

AWRW Book Review: Dance With Me, by Author Hazel Hughes



When reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong wakes up in bed with ballet bad-boy Alexi Davydenko, she knows she’s crossed the line. But the dancer with the body of Apollo and the panty-removing stare wasn’t talking, so what choice did she have? Playing his little drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every answer – seemed like the perfect way to loosen his sexy lips. She gets her story, he gets his fun, win-win.

But his answers only lead to more questions. And Alexi wants more than fun.

Investigating into the ballet company’s shadowy secrets, Sherry learns that the beauty on stage masks ugly dealings, some of which seem to bear Alexi’s signature. But the more truths she exposes, the more lies she is forced to tell herself.

That digging up dirt on a company with ties to the Russian mob isn’t dangerous. That licking every inch of Alexi’s naked body while hunting down evidence of his guilt isn’t a conflict of interest. That with each touch, each kiss, she isn’t falling deeper in love with the very man who could destroy her.

Expected publication: July 26th 2016 by Evernight Publishing

Genre: Erotic Romance, Romance Suspense, Thriller, Multi-Cultural/Interracial

Sherry, a reporter, will do anything to discover the truth – even if it means putting her own life in danger. Her mother always told her if she goes looking for trouble, she will find it. Unfortunately, Sherry finds just that, in the form of Ukrainian Dance God, Alexi Davydenko and the ballet company he works for. fivestarbookreviewbook-1294864_640

Dance With Me by Author Hazel Hughes combines erotic romance with suspense, making for a thrilling page-turner! Sherry Wilson-Wong was a very likeable protagonist. I admired her drive and bravery. It was enjoyable to read the story through her point-of-view.

I’m hopeful for a sequel, because Dance With Me has series potential for sure. I would love to read more about Sherry and her investigations. I can see her stirring up all sorts of trouble.🙂 And “trouble” makes for a fun read!

I would recommend this read to fans of erotic romance and fans of suspense. If you’re a fan of both, all the better!


“This wasn’t about his cool green gaze or the muscles that rippled under his shirt or the way his slight accent made something stir in the pit of her stomach. This was work.”

“Ethically, investigating the company that her lover was employed by wasn’t the cleanest, but this was a big break, and she had been in the reporting game long enough to know that opportunities like this didn’t come around often. Maybe even less often than sexy Ukrainian dance gods.”

“If you go looking for trouble, you will find it.”

“I love your beauty and your strength and your hardness. I love your ambition and your need to find the truth. I love that you are not afraid to search for it, even if it means putting your life in danger.”

“Ballet was a billion-dollar business. And where big money was involved, things got ugly, no matter how pretty they appeared on the surface.”

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Purchase, Amazon USA

About the Author

Hazel Hughes is a contemporary erotic romance writer and urban nomad. Born in London, Hazel has lived all over the globe, from the wilds of Northern Ontario and the cornfields of Iowa to the concrete jungles of Seoul and Abu Dhabi.

Currently, she is living in New York, writing from wherever there is strong coffee and funky beats. When she’s not laying down steamy scenes on the page, you can find her whipping up hot and spicy concoctions in the kitchen or dancing to the beat of her own drummer.

REBLOG: The Legacy Continues… Copper Veins by Jennifer Allis Provost is live!

Check out the latest from Author Jennifer Allis Provost & Spencer Hill Press! New to the series? Comment on the original post for a chance to win the first book in the series, Copper Girl! ~AWRW

Get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble Sara’s pretty sure her life is perfect. Not only are she and Micah finally married, her father, who’d been missing since the Magic Wars, has been found. Actually, he just strode up to the manor’s front door, but whatever. Sara knows better than to look a gift horse in […]

via Live today – COPPER VEINS, book three of the Copper Legacy @SpencerHillP #urbanfantasy #fantasy #newrelease #coppergirl — Author Jennifer Allis Provost

REBLOG: Dance with Me is Live! — Hazel Hughes Romance

Check out the latest from Author Hazel Hughes and Evernight Publishing! DANCE WITH ME, a contemporary erotic thriller! ~AWRW

When ambitious reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong agrees to dancer Alexi Davydenko’s naughty drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every question he answers – she’s only thinking about getting her story. But Alexi has a hidden agenda and secret ties to the Russian Mob. Though Sherry has never let anything stand in her way, […]

via Dance with Me is Live! — Hazel Hughes Romance