AWRW Book Review: Wrath For Bone, by K.P. Ambroziak @KPAmbroziak #bookreview #horror #vampire #literarychiller

Blood flows freely in Empress Cixi’s den but it’s not everything it appears to be, especially the donors. As guest on her ship, Vincent has a secret to learn, a mystery to solve, and a novice to save. All the while, Evelina must adjust to her awakening, discovering her new gifts, and how to be a fierce competitor, as the ship of vampires proves an unforgiving place.

Series: Vincent Du Maurier

Paperback: 244 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (July 1, 2015)

Genre: Horror, Literary Horror, Literary Chiller, Literary Fiction

Themes: Vampire, Journal Entries, Ritual Battle, Revenge, Love

Rating: 5 Stars

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If you like your horror with a literary spin, then look no further than K.P. Ambroziak’s Vincent Du Maurier book series.

Wrath for Bone is a combined journal of Vincent du Maurier’s and Evelina Caro’s notes, beginning with Evelina and culminating with Vincent’s entries.

Novice vampire Evelina has been kidnapped, used as bait by her captors to lure Vincent onto the ship. As her maker, Empress Cixi, torments her, Evelina continues to write and pine for her beloved, Vincent. Her journal and adoration for him offers her hope and the will to go on.

She is mentored by Peter, a priest, and trained by Huitzilli–known as the Hummingbird because of his agility. He schools her in movement, teaching her how to survive the Empress’s ring in a ritual battle to the death. Fear obstructs her power, until she learns her rage is key. Meanwhile, she ponders Vincent’s dismissive attitude, not understanding the bigger picture.

With the conclusion of Vincent’s entries, his motivations become clear and the story pieces together. The last entry made my jaw drop and I can’t wait for book three!

I loved Evelina and enjoyed seeing her transformation from a novice vampire girl to the fierce warrior she became. Loving her character so much, it was hard at times to witness the cruelty that was forced on her by her maker, the Empress, but all the more satisfying when she proves herself, not only to others, but herself too.

The style of this book is unique in that it’s not only a journal, but a combined journal. Adding Vincent’s entries brought so much more to light, because as I read Evelina’s, I thought, “why’d he just do that?” and “why is he acting like that?” With his entries after hers, I had a lot of “ohhh, that’s why” moments.

And the world building… oh my goodness can K.P. Ambroziak paint a setting with her words. The reader is treated to all the gore in rich detail; the smell and taste of the blood of the donors, the coffin-like prison cell where Evelina is shackled, and the searing of dermis from the sun when she is dragged outside, for example.

This series is incredible and well deserving of five stars. I’d recommend it to fans of literary chillers. Please support this hard working author by purchasing this novel on Amazon, or your favorite book retailer of choice.

About the Author

K P Ambroziak

K.P. Ambroziak’s published works include THE TRINITY and THE VINCENT DU MAURIER SERIES, featured in Publishers Weekly Reviews Roundup in 2015. With a doctorate in Comparative Literature, she moonlights as an academic, indulging in her interest in visual art and literature, a love inspired by the work and fervor of her mentor and friend, surrealist scholar Mary Ann Caws. She lives in Brooklyn near a bridge with her favorite person, and likes basset hounds because their droopy eyes get her every time. She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Vera Mae.

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